About Me

Hi, I’m Sophie, and welcome to Thesetraveldaze. I’m originally from London and until about a year ago lived there full-time with my boyfriend Phil, working in the TV industry as a Producer.

In late 2016, Phil rang me out of the blue and told me he’d made the decision to quit his job, and wanted to go traveling. Phil’s had some health problems for the past 8 years or so, and I guess you could say living with these had shifted his perspective on life and brought some realities into sharper focus. You can read more about Phil’s situation with Lyme disease and his quest to overcome it here.

For me, a freelance TV Producer, I had luckily never been confined to the standard 28 days of holiday a year and whilst this sometimes meant I took a lot less than this, in more recent years I’d reassessed the balance and tried to use breaks between contracts to travel, chill and press the reset button a bit. Working in TV can often mean extremely long hours and so I tended to need those breaks when they came round!

So when I got that phone call from Phil I didn’t take too much persuading. A year later, we packed our bags and headed off to South Africa to start our trip.

Phil and I have always loved luxury travel and even in the early days of our relationship often holidayed far beyond our means…! Through our Instagram profiles and blogs, we want to showcase some of the most beautiful places in the world and assist others with tips and advice to help them get the best out of their travel experience, be it a long weekend of luxury or a round-the-world trip of a lifetime. We have been fortunate enough experience some of the world’s leading hotels and resorts, creating content to inspire others to see the world and live their best life. For us this incorporates seeing all the world has to offer, and maintaining a happy, healthy lifestyle.

We have also partnered with @luxuryworldtraveler, allowing us to further this and hopefully bring you even more inspiring content from even more exotic, beautiful, bucketlist-esque places.