A day at the 12 Apostles Hotel, Camps Bay

When it comes to holiday plans I’m usually the one on Tripadvisor, Instagram and scouring travel blogs to make plans and reservations, but on meeting up with Phil in Cape Town (he’d been living there for 6 weeks already), he told me that he’d taken care of the plans for that weekend. Before meeting Phil I’d always thought I liked surprises, but when he is in control of them they can be a little unsettling. Phil has a definite evil streak (the evil emoji actually looks like it was based on him 😈) and so I couldn’t help but feel nervous. This was exacerbated when Phil then disclosed that he wasn’t 100% sure I’d like it, and that I should pack hair washing stuff, practical clothes and spare contact lenses. 🤔And then my nervousness peaked again when he packed me into the car and blindfolded me – about 10 minutes later, the car went into darkness and Phil said -“be right back”- and left me there, blind, in a locked car….

As it turned out, the above had all been a ruse and he had in fact organised for us to have a luxury night’s stay at the beautiful 12 Apostles Hotel. The staff made such a fuss of us as we arrived, offering us champagne and refreshments before showing us everything the room had to offer. The room was beautiful, and the bathroom was so huge I didn’t actually SEE the shower! I showered in the stand-up part of the bath and it was only on the 2nd day that Phil pointed out the actual shower in the corner 🤣

Despite the beauty of the room, this was surpassed by the outside spaces and so we went and had breakfast on the roof terrace restaurant. Poached eggs with views of the ocean was a good way to start the day! This hotel is supremely stylish, all stripey sunbeds and understated little touches, giving it a very boutiquey feel despite its size. This helped the hotel achieve what I think is always so hard- creating atmosphere and a buzz but not feeling too busy or over-crowded.

The day then got even better when Phil said he’d made a lunch booking somewhere within the hotel. Again, the blindfold was out(!) and I was led through the hotel grounds for a good 10 minutes. On taking off my blindfold I was met with one of the most stunning views I’d ever seen – we were right on the cliff edge with the ocean below, and there was a table laid out with a wicker picnic hamper, champagne, and the biggest most elaborate picnic spread I’d ever seen. To put this in a bit of context, back in London whenever the sun comes out I always want to head to the common and have a picnic – something which Phil says is just “eating on the floor.” He’s never quite grasped the potential of a picnic and this has resulted in our few attempts at it falling a bit short of the mark- usually sat on a towel with few plastic bags worth of hummus and carrot sticks. This picnic spread, however, was something else. Numerous salad platters, fresh fruit, pickles, open sandwiches, chocolate-covered strawberries… The one drawback was that we were so overwhelmed by the view and the remoteness of our picnic spot that we definitely did not make the most of the food!

To top off the day, we were then treated to 90-minute massages in a private room at the very top of the hotel complex as the sun went down. Now I didn’t know I had 90-minute’s worth of body to touch! But it was the best massage I’d ever had and included in the package was champagne and oysters on the terrace – the perfect end to the day, and our special stay at 12 Apostles.



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